Serving the Greater Toronto Area, Allweather Landscape has been a provider of residential landscape design and maintenance services for 40 years.

At Allweather we are recognized for our commitment to high-quality residential landscape installation and maintenance which is built on the ideals of innovation, sustainability, conservation, and integrity. These values are weaved into our residential maintenance landscape services to provide pristine garden protection.

We could spend hours meandering through this 4 acre garden in Rosedale Valley filled with extensive shrubs, perennials, annuals, a koi pond and much more.

When it comes to maintaining gardens all year round as beautiful as this, the talented landscape team at Allweather prides themselves on sustaining designs that are not only functional, but complement and enhance the architecture of the property. Allweather has had the pleasure of maintaining this lovely oasis developed in the 1950’s for the last 6 years and deem it one of the most comprehensive sites we maintain during summer and winter. Take a stroll through the pictures and you’ll see why.

Regular building maintenance at this Yorkville property that we have had so much fun creating and maintaining displays for each season for the past 15 years. The raised garden beds are intended to be classic and elegant with a green and white colour palette providing a little tranquility in the busy city. The urns are where we get to showcase a little more personality.

We like to believe we have mastered the art in working in tricky micro climates. With wind tunnels and pedestrians from all angles, it is critical that maintenance of these gardens takes a multi-faceted approach. Including cultural practices that reduce the possibility of pest and disease, winter protection and amending the soil each year to promote healthy plants. This approach has allowed the plants to survive the unpredictable climate and thrive year after year..

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