Allweather Landscape was approached by the High Park Blvd client to construct a landscape that would tie in with the charm of the house and the history of the neighbourhood. The designs from Martin Wade Landscape Architects were sublime and the Allweather team executed them to perfection. The charm and history of its surroundings were achieved by handcrafting the dry-stacked rubble wall that flanks the front yard. Endicott clay pavers created an entrance walk to the new credit valley slab steps that lead you to the front door. The brick pillars were rebuilt to an exact match, seamlessly tying in the old with the new.

Due to the sheer size of the required beams for the canopy, they had to be custom cut and ordered. Another slight obstacle was finding a rubble stone look that suited the client’s needs and that blended well with the rest of the space. After finding the perfect look, rubble stone was placed in the backyard, where the legs of the canopy now stand on. The rubble stone wall simultaneously acts as a separator between the grass area and the living/dining area of the backyard design.

To this day, the homeowners still rely on our maintenance department to provide them with weekly maintenance services. This property is also an Ontario Awards of Excellence winner!

High Park - quote-120x96-1

“Material selection was critical to this project. Sourcing stone to match the history of the house and neighbourhood was a challenge that was overcome by our talented project managers. The craftsmanship of our skilled stone mason’s pulled it all together.”

Mark Kimmerly, Allweather Landscape

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