This Glen Rd project was derived by one major objective, mitigating a drainage issue. The yard was sloped towards the existing garage which caused flooding in the garage during heavy rainfalls. Through the use of permeable paving, underground leach pits, and regarding the lawn areas, we were able to provide the client with an aesthetically pleasing solution.

The use of different material, whether it be hard or soft, provided an area for dining and entertaining in the yard, while the custom Ipe deck provided a transition from house to yard.

Our work with this property did not end after this project as the client was very satisfied with our process and we continue to provide maintenance services.

Glen Road - quote-120x96-1

“We take pride when we see a new project completed knowing the work that went in, yet the hard and soft-scape look as if they have been there for years.”

Mark Kimmerly, Allweather Landscape

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