Our Design-Build Process

Our process begins with an on-site home consultation with one of our Landscape Designers to discuss all Design and Construction criteria. At this meeting the desired landscape style and functionality requirements are determined. This initial introduction enables Allweather’s designer to better understand and create the desired landscape concept.

Depending on the complexities of the project, the Designer develops a preliminary concept and works with the client to finalize the plan. A finished detailed construction drawing that clearly illustrates all landscape features would then be developed and an itemized costing for each and every landscape construction item would be provided.

More complex and large complete site development projects that involve swimming pools, spas, retaining walls, extensive grading, custom structures, etc.., may require several meetings with both the client and City officials as required for permit acquisitions. Smaller and less complex projects that do not require permits are often finalized after as little as two meetings.

Design work can be taken to whatever level is required to clearly illustrate an understanding with regards to what is going to be built. All projects are designed to most benefit our clients’ requirements, properties and lifestyles. Allweather is not in any way connected to any nurseries or growers, as plant and landscape materials are selected based upon fit with the design and functional requirements of the project.

Once the design plans are finalized and a construction contract is agreed upon, construction schedules are set and the construction proceeds non-stop until the project is complete. All work is constructed by professionals, supervised by an experienced Project Manager and inspected regularly by the Landscape Designer to ensure that what has been designed is carried out to the final detail.

All work is unconditionally guaranteed for a period of one year and longer terms can be met if Allweather maintains the property.