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Allweather Landscape Co. Ltd. was founded by Phil Charal in 1982. The company began with two divisions: a Residential Design and Build division and a Municipal and Industrial Landscape Construction division.

Over the past 15 years, Allweather has embraced the Design – Build philosophy. The Company has built an exemplary reputation as an industry leader with a primary focus on residential Design & Construction. Allweather employs a year round staff consisting of European trained stone masons, as well as carpenters, horticulturalists, machine operators and landscape designers. This exceptional skill set guarantees that all elements of a landscape project can be implemented from design concept to construction completion. By controlling all elements of the landscape project, all work is completed in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner, guaranteeing design and construction integrity.

Our highly skilled staff has a true love of horticulture and take great pride in their work. They have been instrumental in establishing Allweather’s reputation as one of the most highly regarded and respected design and build firms in the country. Allweather works hard to constantly improve our service and deliver great value, ensuring that all of our clients are more than satisfied with their projects. Allweather continues to receive numerous industry and association awards for landscape design, construction and maintenance excellence as recognized by the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trade Association, the Canada Blooms Flower and Garden Show and Unilock Ltd.

Allweather’s mission has always centered on a commitment to providing exceptional landscape design, construction and maintenance services. Our vision and focus is to provide great value, outstanding service and to exceed our client’s expectations.


Phil Charal

Phil Charal is the principal of Allweather Landscape Co. Ltd. having founded the company in the spring of 1982.

Phil adopted the design-build philosophy early in his career after studying business at York University. He believes strongly in quality and professional after service work and has been instrumental in developing Allweather’s reputation as an industry leader for creating unique and enduring landscape development projects. Some of which have been maintained by the company for over 25 years.

Phil has been featured in numerous television programs, magazines and newspaper articles pertaining to landscape design, construction and horticultural pieces.

Phil has been the past Co-Chairman of Canada Blooms Flower and Garden Festival, Chairman of the Landscape Contractors Sector Group at Landscape Ontario and is presently the newly elected President of Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trade Association.

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Brian Clegg

Brian Clegg is Allweather’s Project Manager and Estimator. He is a European trained Stone Mason with over 40 years experience and has been instrumental in the training of our stone masons and a great inspiration to all of our employees. Brian oversees the day to day construction activity within the company, ensuring all construction projects are completed in a timely and professional manner.

Brian has taught Stone Masonry and various construction courses at Humber College and conducts professional development seminars at Landscape Ontario. Brian has written several magazine articles on various landscape construction practices consisting of stone masonry, custom woodwork, horticultural, employee motivation and human resource related subjects.

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Mark Kimmerly

Mark Kimmerly is Allweather’s senior Landscape Designer and General Manager. He has designed and overseen numerous construction projects and is at the forefront of most of Allweather’s complex and all encompassing landscape development projects. Mark is directly involved with ensuring that the design integrity is consistently carried out on all of Allweather’s projects. This has been evident in Allweather being awarded with numerous awards over the years for landscape design and construction excellence.

Mark is a graduate from Ryerson University from the Landscape Architecture program as well as Brock University with a BA in Urban and Environmental Studies. He is active in Landscape Ontario, most recently as a guest speaker at Landscape Ontario Congress.

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